‘Tis the Season for Prodigals….

This is the season when I alternate on a fairly regular basis between being full of joy, and grateful, and almost heartbroken at what could be and isn’t. I have written earlier about a prodigal of mine and somehow she is always in my thoughts, sometimes lurking, and sometimes at the forefront. Last year was the only year she has come home for Christmas and while we knew it was a singular event, we are disappointed that it won’t happen again this year and this was the last chance to have the whole family together for several years, if ever again, and so it nags.

I also have a prodigal in the generation above me. Someone I have never understood who has refused to have anything to do with her family for over a year. She even disconnected her phone, and then moved in an attempt to prevent anyone from seeking her out and nobody knows why. Her behavior has always been erratic but she is my mother.

My Christmas wish this year is that all ‘prodigals’ come ‘home’ spiritually, physically, emotionally, whatever they need to be healthy and whole. All of the above would be nice.


About Edward

Dishwasher, bartender, cook, house painter, movie usher, Marine helicopter pilot, teacher, administrator, teacher again, retired teacher, Secular Franciscan, Lay Ecclesial Minister- it's been an interesting ride.
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