Five Minutes and Counting….

Americans are generally ‘nuts’, at least about working. We believe that the only way to work (and we believe that work is our life) is to do it ‘better, faster, cheaper” by working “longer and harder”. Who the heck ever said so? “Better” compared to what standard? “Number one”, “top of the heap”, “winner”, “champion”, according to whose scale and just who exactly said it was the best way to measure?

This morning I had had enough by golly! I rebelled by skipping only part of my early morning devotional reading and walking my dog the whole route (albeit faster) rather than cutting it short. The result of the rebellion was that I got to work 20 minutes early rather than the normal 30 minutes early; that’ll teach ’em!


About Edward

Dishwasher, bartender, cook, house painter, movie usher, Marine helicopter pilot, teacher, administrator, teacher again, retired teacher, Secular Franciscan, Lay Ecclesial Minister- it's been an interesting ride.
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