Dishwashing as ‘Soulwork’….

As part of a weak attempt to reform my character by actually making New Year’s resolutions I have quietly taken over washing dishes in my household.

You see, I am lazy. I know it but try to keep the knowledge at arm’s length, at least when it isn’t too much work to do so. “Sloth” is probably tied for first place on my personal arrangement of the seven deadly sins. I like leaving the table and going back to my book or TV show with vague intentions of maybe helping with the dishes and the escape hatch of  “oh, are they already done?”

Now and then in the past I have done dishes, especially when my wife has trapped me by asking me politely. I once told her I would do almost anything if asked nicely; truly a weapon I should have thought twice about handing out.

So I am working on one of the deadly sins by taking over dishwashing and with a DVR I can’t plead that I’ll miss a show or something. It’s not like re-runs of ‘House’ or ‘NCIS’ are hard to find anyway. Actually, I got my start in the working world by getting paid $1.25 an hour by doing dishes  for Arnie’s Restaurant so why not at home?

I am not feeling very virtuous yet. Maybe when I add drying the dishes and putting them away I can feel virtuous by doing less than my fair share around the house, but why rush?


About Edward

Dishwasher, bartender, cook, house painter, movie usher, Marine helicopter pilot, teacher, administrator, teacher again, retired teacher, Secular Franciscan, Lay Ecclesial Minister- it's been an interesting ride.
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