Perhaps and Maybe….

After my posting yesterday I received a phone call from my dedicated regular reader who had drawn some inferences from my writing. Bless her for reading and even more for caring but “Let the reader beware!” I usually write to get something out of my system, to capture a thought or simply to clarify my own thinking about something because it works better when I see it in written form. Anything a reader can get out of that process is ‘gravy’ as they say.

I learned in grad school that tweedy English professors will deploy their powerful intellect and rapier-like wits over just about anything for the sheer joy of the ensuing discussion. I also discovered that using qualifying words covered my expansive rear and drove them to a scary place. A well-placed ‘perhaps’ or ‘maybe’ can defuse a lot of arguments a graduate student really doesn’t have time for.

I think, perhaps, I know a few things for sure but maybe I am mistaken. I am usually terrified by absolutists who know everything about everything and are never wrong about anything (See how this works?) because in my lifetime I have never met anyone who was always right. I’ve met a few who thought they were and those people usually left a trail of destruction behind them. As Fitzgerald commented about the Buchanans, “they go through life smashing things up.”

I don’t see a lot of ‘black and whites’ in the world but I am comfortable with the greys. Perhaps I am wrong but maybe I am right.


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Dishwasher, bartender, cook, house painter, movie usher, Marine helicopter pilot, teacher, administrator, teacher again, retired teacher, Secular Franciscan, Lay Ecclesial Minister- it's been an interesting ride.
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17 Responses to Perhaps and Maybe….

  1. chelsea09 says:

    I am terrifeid by absolutists too. I am completely ok with being in the greys. 🙂

  2. cd1212 says:

    I think, perhaps, that you may be right….but I could also be wrong…

  3. terry669 says:

    You are the best teacher in all my classes combined throuout my high school career

    • Edward says:

      I appreciate the kind thoughts and I’m hoping either competition was stiff or that you don’t merely have low standards!:-)

  4. zalasha says:

    I too do not like people who think they know everything because I know for a fact that I do not know everything. It is arrogant to believe that any one person can know everything about everything. 🙂

  5. dualpointofview says:

    I agree, people who do not have the ability to accept the fact that they made a mistake can be very devastating to anything they put their hands on.

  6. dong169 says:

    Yes i do plan on going to college at western Nebraska Community College in Scottsbluff Nebraska and then transfering to a four year college in colorado or nebraska and i want to major in buisness managment or physical education

  7. sara33 says:

    Even though u run into alot of people in the world there is nobody perfect but God. You may think that ur right bout alot of stuff and u may b but there is not 1 person in this world who is perfect.

  8. jessiusa says:

    Even if I usually am right, but I don’t think that I always am. I really don’t hope that I leave a trail of dertruction…

  9. 1srh says:

    i really dont no what to say to this other than i agree with the fact that people who always think their right do leave a trail of destruction behind them.

  10. shelbylynne says:

    That is very true nobody is always right but it is interesting to hear them try. I like to be right but i know i’m not always right.

  11. ryanjayg says:

    I really don’t understand what we’re supposed to be commenting about…… MMMMM interesting

  12. redneck1457 says:

    I too have meet those people who believe they are always right, and they are just a pain in the neck to the communicate with.

  13. darthpasio says:

    You may have a point there. A “maybe” or “perhaps can defuse several arguments and would make a good strategy to show that you don’t want to argue the point. Although I do not see absolutionists as necessarily terrifying although most tend to be obstinate and close minded. Perhaps I am that way myself. I like to see everything “black and white” although I am told this is unreasonable. I believe that there must be valid absolutes. If there can be no absolute, no surety, to explain every wrong, every right, every truth, and every lie how can we be sure we are on the right path? How can we know we are not lost or have not strayed. I have not met anyone who knows everything, but I believe there is someone who does; if not of this world than of another. One absolute I know for sure is that no how much I study, no matter how much I learn, I will never know everything. This is one of the greatest disappointments of my life. I love knowledge and learning, but no matter how much I have learned I will only know a small fraction of what there is to know about in the entire universe and it disappoints me. If I could only learn even one valid, unquestionable absolute I could only feel liberated. Perhaps there are some grays maybe even more greys than can be counted, but I believe there are absolutes to find out here on the Earth and I want to find them out.

    • Edward says:

      Very nicely written. I admire your thirst for knowedge. I believe that if even we don’t know all we would like to know at certain points in our lives, there will come a time when we know all we need to know and that might be enough.

  14. courtney674 says:

    I honestly didnt understand what you wrote about but perhaps it could possibly be because of the words and im feeling kind of stupid today.

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