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Not Dead, Not Even Sick….!

Every action creates unforseen events. This is the ‘law of unintended consequences’, and I see it often in education, especially the most educated. Since 80% of my immediate family are English majors we have all followed the slippery slope from … Continue reading

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Cannons to the Left of Me, Cannons to the Right….

Dionne and Will. You would have a difficult time finding two commentators farther apart on the political spectrum than George Will and E. J. Dionne. Nevertheless, they have found common ground: disapproval of Barrack Obama. According to Mr. Will, President … Continue reading

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No, YOU Do the Math….Loving the Liberal Arts

Recently I heard a news story that reminded me of something I have always suspected and preached as a little-known truth; liberal arts/humanities majors are as good as anyone else. Liberal arts majors, by any measure, score highly in reading, … Continue reading

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