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Coming Home…

The wonderful world of public education has some strange notions.  Among these oddities is the idea that a male teacher should, sooner or later, ‘move UP’ into administration because these positions pay more, have more, power, etc. I followed such … Continue reading

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Wonder of wonders….

Last night at approximately 6:05 P.M. MDT I was ‘channel flippin’ with the remote. On MSNBC Keith Openmymouth was pontificating about all the wrongs of the current health care plan. Over on Fox, Bill NotLikely was doing EXACTLY THE SAME … Continue reading

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The Last Crusader….

You can never just ‘go back to school’ if you are a teacher.  First you must survive the agony of something called ‘in-service’; a series of meetings and events designed to so annoy you that you are giddy with joy … Continue reading

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With a Little Static Please….

I have a widescreen TV with several HD options.  I have a satellite radio which brings things in ‘crystal clear’ although the days of using crystals in radios is long past. And yet… my favorite way to follow baseball games … Continue reading

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