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A Tale of Two Men…

Being at the age when you know you have more yesterdays than tomorrows makes you more reflective, or it should.  One looks back on a life and has to honestly evaluate the small triumphs and tragedies that make up the pages of a … Continue reading

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Paper Anxiety….

I have been ‘going to college’ since 1975, and I am not near finished with what I want to learn.  There is , however, a price for that learning, and I am not talking about tuition.  I have ‘paper anxiety’.  … Continue reading

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Smartboard? Smart Teacher?

A few days ago I received a little toy for my classroom and there is it is before me, six and one-half feet of ‘smartboard’, a Promethean smartboard to be exact.  Classicists will no doubt remember that Prometheus brought fire (read ‘knowledge’) … Continue reading

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