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I am a retired teacher living in a (very) rural part of Nebraska. Besides teaching I have been, in order, a dishwasher, barkeeper, movie usher, Marine Corps helicopter pilot, teacher, school administrator, teacher again, and a lay ecclesial minister in the Catholic church. If you do not know what the last is, don’t feel badly, no one else knows either. I am married with three adult children.

I am an introvert who is more comfortable writing than talking. I worked as a writing instructor for many years, and once wrote THE prompt for the 11th grade state writing test. I blog mostly to vent and because it helps me organize my thinking.

As a teacher I am endorsed in English, History, Political Science, Social Sciences and Assessment Leadership: I have taught or worked in all of those areas and done graduate work in each of them. I also have a graduate degree in ministry. A kind person would call me a person with eclectic interests but ‘flighty’ might be accurate too.

In the past I have written mostly to vent my frustrations as a teacher but some spirituality creeps in now and then. My family says I should write, so I write. Since I am a retired teacher, the gloves can come off and I can write about almost anything I feel like so I might expand in the future. On the other hand, as a retired teacher I don’t feel the need to fight or vent quite as much.

I life to be funny, tragic, ironic, inspiring, and many other adjectives depending on my mood.


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