The ‘Bucket List’….

Things I would like to do before I ‘kick the bucket’ in no significant order.

1. Grow hair long enough for dreadlocks and learn to speak like a Jamaican (‘mon’) to achieve coolness at least once before shuffling off this mortal coil. This may not happen but I did grow my “wizard beard’ out to about 3” before shaving for Veterans Day.

2. Spit (downwind) from the top of the Eiffel Tower; no particular target in mind at this time.    Actually visited the Tower at night which was much better than spitting off of it! June, 2012

3. Register all Republicans in Kimball County with donor list of National Democratic Party if some way can be found to ensure names will NEVER be removed from email list of said party; several particular targets in mind.

4. Watch state legislators take full battery of state assessments with results published because ‘we need a way to compare’.

5. Hold a grandchild in my arms until he or she needs changed and then to pass him or her to grandmother(Note: Archer Henry Montgomery Moore came into the world on May 2, 2011, checked off on June, 2, 2011).

6. Yell at the umpire at grandchild’s first baseball game (you see, I believe in God and so I know my grandchildren will love baseball as much as I do).

7. Complete the Compostela de Santiago.

Note: this trip is now scheduled to begin on April 5, 2014, God and the doctors willing.

Note 2: Walked 200 miles of it from St. Jean Pied de Port to outside Burgos in April, 2014. Hurt foot, arrived in Santiago by train. Holy week as a pilgrim!

8. Race against ‘Roy Stalin’ on the K-12,  from the glacier! Note: I might have to let this one go, a total knee replacement is hurting my skiing.

9. Have access to a whole litter of Golden Retriever puppies while they are waiting for good homes.

10. Visit Scotland and dare to wear a kilt made of the Montgomery tartan.

11. View Paris from the top of Notre Dame Cathderal and to refrain from spitting.   Didn’t make it to the top but visiting it several times still counts: it was wonderful. June, 2012.

12. To walk the ‘Magnificent Mile’ in Chicago without carrying a lamp the entire distance.

13. To attend the baptism of a grandchild, or two, or…. you get the idea. Archer Henry Montgomery Moore baptised on Sunday, Sep 4, 2011 by Fr. Robert Karnish at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Kimball, NE.

14. To have season tickets, at least once, to a major league baseball team.

15. To hear a professional athlete turn down free agency by saying “Money? Who needs more money? I’m already over paid, I’m going to stay here and play for the people who gave me a chance to begin with!” (Lebron James DID NOT give me hope on this one)

Note: Mr. James did return to Cleveland, and for less money…

16. To drift in the middle of a flock of wild geese floating on a mountain lake in a kayak, one more time.

17. To go whitewater rafting.

18. To earn a master’s degree. (May 14, 2011!)

19. Summit a fourteener with my son as a guide. (Note: First attempt – September 10, 2010 – Huron Peak. Turned back at 12, 602 feet. Turns out that asthma unaided by an inhaler produces a magnificent case of altitude sickness accompanied by prodigious amount of vomiting.) I will try again! Note: DID summit Estes Cone (11,005′) in August, 2011. May not make it to 14,000 ft.

20. Own a pair of red cowboy boots. Hard to find in men’s sizes:-()

21. Return to Tuscany, especially Florence.

22. To have a room in my house that is just for me! (In progress, but I’ll share with Archer when he visits, all that is left is new flooring, carpet or wood? – Sep 5, 2011)

23. To return to Paris!

24. Return to the Camino! I understand the lions in Old Man and the Sea now, and I need to go back if at all possible.


One Response to The ‘Bucket List’….

  1. You have another fan:) I love the bucket list…keep crossing them off! I’ll be checking back.

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